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Microsoft Session at Cloud Expo I checked with the Windows Phone 7 team before putting this post out, and got the OK to write about it.  I hit this bug when building out my FriendLinks Windows Phone 7 application, and was surprised to find it was a bona fide bug and not a problem with my coding skills.  If there was a default value in the constructor for any new project I start, it would look something like: codingErrorResponsibilty == this.programmerName; In any event, here’s the cruxt of the bug.  If you are using HttpWebRequest developing on Windows Phone 7, and you get a 301 redirect returned from the web server, and that web server sets a cookie, the current build (as of 03/16/10 at Mix10) of Windows Phone 7 will throw an exception. In the case of my applications, I was trying to determine the title of the page as defined by the “” tags for a given ... (more)

The Job Hunt

So, you have a good education, a killer resume, references -- the whole nine yards. And yet, no one is hiring you! This was the case with a friend of mine, Betty M., who went through over 20 interviews for technical writing jobs and in many cases, was invited to come back in for second interviews, but Betty never made it beyond that second round. She was perplexed because she was perfectly qualified and the interviewers seemed to be very pleased to hear what Betty had to offer. Now, with the economic downturn, her chances of finding a job did not improve. Betty wondered what to d... (more)

Enterprise Solutions for Entrepreneurs

Every 11 seconds someone starts a new business in their home or apartment. The U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, recently announced there are almost 21 million small businesses owners operating out of their home. Many of these owners started their company with an investment of less than 5,000 yet have gross revenues between $100,000 and $500,000 annually. Clarence Briggs, a U.S. Army veteran, and CEO of AIT Inc. created his firm in the spare bedroom of his home. AIT has survived and thrived in spite of the bursting  "" bubble and that subsequent fall out... (more)

Walter Cronkite's IT Career Advice

The late Walter Cronkite as a role model for IT managers? At first glance, we might not see the connection between "the most trusted man in America" and high tech management. But if we pull back the layers of how Cronkite approached his job, there are solid day-to-day career lessons for those working in IT. Seven Best Practices Straight From the Desk of Uncle Walter 1. Explain things in a simple way so everyone can understand. CBS' Bob Schieffer said people "understood Cronkite was guiding you through events." He translated the complex or hard to understand in a way that made you n... (more)

Unique Home Exercise Options and Videos for Career and Work at Home Moms

As a Career-at-Home-Mom (albeit now with a lot of extra "work" time, now the kids are out of my hair and safely back in school!), the balance between work, family and healthy self-maintenance typically doesn't favor the latter. The pile of plates and cups around my computer attests to that, and what used to be on those plates didn't necessarily reflect "nature's bounty". However, it's utterly essential to maintain some movement, exercise on a routine basis, especially for WAHMs and CAHMs. Here's something totally up our alley - . This is a DC-area based business ... (more)

Text Messaging is Key to Successful Recruitment, says Dialogue Communications

Global messaging solution specialist, Dialogue Communications, says text messaging is essential to driving an effective recruitment process. This announcement comes at a time when unemployment rates are high and the recruitment industry is as important as ever, at the Bullhorn Live Conference in Boston, where Dialogue is exhibiting at booth #16. Dialogue, which is sponsoring the event, recently conducted a customer survey and found that nearly 90% of recruiters across the world saw that text messaging helped their business by enhancing the speed of communication[1]. By using SMS... (more)